How to improve our English ability?

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How to improve our English ability?

Amber Lin

     It is a global era and we may meet some foreigners in our daily life. We may not be able to communicate with them in Chinese, so having a good English ability is quite important. However, how to improve our English ability? We can practice English skills via the Internet, be a good learner at school, and go abroad for a period of time.

     As a saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” There are many free resources on the Internet nowadays and we can use them to improve our English skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. There are some famous and useful English internet resources like TED, BBC Learning English, VoiceTube, and so on. If we practice every day, our English ability will improve gradually.

     Being a good learner at school is essential to improve English ability. Teachers would teach us useful tips about learning English and point out the important points of the lessons. And teachers also thoroughly teach us a variety of knowledge about English. We can even ask questions if we have any, and the teachers would give us the correct answers.

     Another approach is going abroad for a period of time. If we put ourselves in an English environment, we have no choice but to use English every day. Thus, our English will certainly improve. And the most important thing is that we develop courage to talk to foreigners in English. And we also can learn the correct usage of English from native speakers.

     These are some suggestions that are beneficial for us to improve English ability. English is a useful tool for us to communicate with the whole world in this era. Thus, we should try our best to study and improve it.

Lack of communication can end a friendship

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Lack of communication can end a friendship

Robert Yang

     Interaction is essential in friendship, thereby communicating with your friends can help you enhance your intimacy with them. And keeping in touch with friends is necessary to maintain the relationship. There are three reasons to explain the problems of insufficient communication.

     The first problem is people do not see each other frequently enough. People need to be together to develop the sense of familiarity, and the less people meet, the less naturally they interact. People can easily become friends by communicating with each other. By contrast, the scarce of exchanging the thought keeps people from maintaining friendship perpetually.

     The second problem is that people would not be the same as we met them the first time; if we do not realize them by talking with them, we might have dissimilar opinions on things, which could give rise to quarrels. Not knowing well about others and dealing with them with empathy may cause unhealthy friendship.

     The third reason for the lack of communication is the timing of starting a conversation. If people are silent when their friends are in trouble, they are inconsiderate as friends. And if we talk the nonsense while our friends are stuck in the trouble, we would make the situation get worse.

    We need to have a conversation with others frequently, properly and cleverly. A friendship starts from communication, and if there is lack of appropriate communication between people, the friendship would not be permanent.

How to improve English ability?

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How to improve English ability?

Amber Lin

In this globalized generation, English is an important skill that you can use to communicate with everyone in the world. It is a convenient tool which can help us in socialization and business. Therefore, it is important to know how to improve English ability?

First, we can learn the language skills in the classroom. The teacher will teach some learning skills and organize key points for us. We can use less time to understand the rules of English. In addition, we can ask teachers questions about studying English and get the answers immediately.

Second, we can make use of the free resources on the Internet or in the library. There are many resources on the Internet nowadays. We can watch English movies, sing English songs or read some English materials. All of them can help improve our English ability.

Last but not least, we can study abroad. If we put ourselves in an English environment, our English capability certainly would be good because we have no choice but to use English in everyday life. And we can also learn the correct usage of native English.

We can study hard in school, make use of free resources on the Internet, or study abroad to improve our English. It is necessary for us to have the good ability to communicate with others in English. Everyone should continuously improve their English ability to become a competent global citizen.

Types of Video Games I Prefer

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Types of Video Games I Prefer

Jerry Zhou


     People nowadays are on their electronic devices all the time due to the advancement of technology. So, people all over the world have devices that enable them to get access to many types of games and here are the three types that I prefer: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), Combat Games, and Sport Games.

     MMORPG is a video game that takes place in a persistent state world (PSW) with thousands or even millions of players developing their characters in a role-playing environment. PSW means the character continues to exist and develop internally even when there are no people interacting with it. The virtual world in which the game takes place is never static. When a player has logged off, events are still occurring across the world and they may impact the player when he or she logs in again. The MMORPG that I play in my free time is called Runescape and I have started to play this game again recently because it was a game that my friend and I played together when we were little. The game mode is basically what I mentioned above, with a leveling system in which I upgrade my combat or skilling levels to get access to more content in the game.

     Combat Games is a genre of video game in which a gamer battles against another character controlled by another gamer or the game's artificial intelligence (AI). The gameplay structure includes several rounds per fight and various difficulty levels for us to choose. One example of this type is called Mortal Kombat and it’s a game I played with my friends or my family. The game mode is fighting one on one with opponents with either up close or short distance. The player needs good reflexes, and the ability to use the controls for all kinds of fighting moves.

     Sports games emulate the playing of traditional physical sports such as basketball, golf, tennis, etc. This genre emerged early in the history of video games and remains popular today and is extremely competitive, just like real-world sports. The gameplay varies in different sports; for example, in baseball if I am the batter, I get to control how far I want to hit by pressing a button on the controller or the keyboard on the right time. The sport games I used to play are called Wii sports and the sports that I got to play were tennis, baseball, bowling, golf and boxing. I enjoyed tennis the most because four people can play at same time and the character in the game was doing the same moves that my hand with the controller was doing.

     These are the video games that I had been playing as I was growing up and I really enjoyed them. As technology advances, more and more games are getting to the point in which what we see, hear and do are like that in real life, so we can experience the sport without going outside. In addition, video games have helped me make friends and get closer with my family.           

Kinds of Smartphone

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Kinds of Smartphone

Bryan Yang


Smartphones are a part of our daily life. They make our life become more convenient and help us to connect to each other. We can classify smartphones into three major types based on their operation system.

The first major group is iPhone. iPhone runs on its own developed system—iOS (Operation System). It has multiple features such as App Store, Apple Pay and Siri, a virtual assistant. Siri can remind you of appointments. And you can play music without using your hands just by speaking a song title to Siri. Also, iOS has the best security system to protect the iPhone. It is almost impossible for hackers to hack in someone’s iPhone if they don’t know the password. Moreover, the iPhone interface is more user-friendly than other brands. iOS has a minimalist look from the starting and has a simple layout. And all the apps are displayed in a grid which can easily be organized into folders. It is easy for people to learn how to use iPhone even for elder people.

The second major group is the Android phone. The Android operation system was developed by Google and it supports many types of smartphones on the market. Because iOS only supports iPhone and it is expensive, people can choose to buy an Android phone which is the second major type of smartphones. Prices of Android phones vary so they can fit different people’s budgets. In addition, Android OS is more compatible than iOS. Also, it is open source; therefore, its users can download any apps they want. And they can customize their cell phone such as the keyboard and themes. Nowadays, some famous brands of smartphone such as Samsung, Google Pixel, and HTC are all running on the Android OS. There is no doubt that Android phones are the second biggest type of smartphones in the market.

Windows Phone was developed by Microsoft and it is the most recent major type around the smartphone market. It has a lot of software we often use for daily applications, such as Microsoft Word, Outlook and Excel. It is very convenient for people who work in an office. In addition, Windows Phone has its own virtual assistant, Cortana, who can remind the user and control the phone with voice control. Moreover, users can play their Xbox games on Window Phone.

In conclusion, iPhone, Android phones and Window phone are the main categories of smartphones in the market. Although there are a few other types of smartphone operating systems in the market, such as BlackBerry OS and web OS, their applications support is insufficient and unknown to people. So, which type of smartphone operating system would you like to choose?

What Makes a Good Mayor?

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What Makes a Good Mayor

Olivia Han


With the development of the society, elections are becoming fairer. At the same time, as citizens, we all should pay much attention to elections and make a fair choice in order to have a better city than before. In my view, a good mayor should be just, take responsibilities and develop the city.

First, being fair is basic for a mayor to make right choices. If a mayor cannot make reasonable decisions, the whole government will be affected badly. For example, Bo Xilai, a former province leader in China, used to commit some acts of corruptions. Therefore, his behavior caused huge damage to the government and the society. In order to make the process of governing more transparent and fairer than before, he was sentenced life in prison. This event lets us know how important fairness is.

Second, being responsible is necessary for a good mayor. For example, Li Zhenguo, the former city mayor of my hometown, was beloved by his citizens because he was responsible and made benefits to us all the time. Under his leadership, our city has made much progress during those ten years. From him, I know that a city mayor should focus on making benefits for the city, no matter how big or small the city is.

Last but not least, being able to develop a city or a province is essential for a leader of a local government. If a leader just wants to be stable, the development of the society will be delayed for a long time. For example, we all know Xi Jinping as a president of China, but he was also a province head before that. Due to his leadership, Fujian Province developed fast and made much investment at that time.

All in all, I believe a good mayor should be fair, responsible and iprove a city. A good mayor also can let people live a better life than before and we can learn much from him or her.

Types of Variety Show

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Types of Variety Show

Miranda Chen


                  For me or maybe for most people, watching variety shows is a kind of relaxation after doing tons of school assignments or work. Variety show is a type of light program and it often includes many shows with different elements and characters, like music performances and funny shows. And I think that variety show can be divided into three main types the game shows, the travel programs and the talk shows, which are also the popular types among audiences.

                   First, the game shows are the programs with the theme of recreation and the games are often conducted in the unit of an individual or a group. Also, to have the wonderful program effect, the shows are often with the nature of competition and the party who loses the game may receive some punishments while the winner party may get some rewards. Take Running Man for example. It is a Korean game show that is composed of eight members. Sometimes the show may invite some guests like famous singers, actors or idol groups to play interesting games with the members and the show may divide the members and guests into groups to play the games. I think the most attracting part of the show is that the games are original and creative in every episode and the ways of punishments are also interesting.

                  Second, the travel programs are often about introducing the tourist attractions or some local cuisines. The features of travel programs are that there are only about one to three hosts on the show because if there are too many people on the scene, audiences may think it is confusing and distracting. There are programs in which the themes focus on Taiwan or only on foreign countries or on both, which can make people look deeper into Taiwan or know more about other countries. Take Super Taste for example. It is a program that has different groups of hosts consisting of two to three people and certain groups of hosts may introduce the domestic tourist spots and the others may introduce foreign attractions. I think what makes the program special is that the hosts may be designated to do some tasks or play the games for the chance to taste the cuisines.

                  Third, the talk shows are the programs that have a host and some guests invited to have discussion on some specific themes. During the shows, the host may ask the guests about their life or something the audiences may be curious about; while some shows may focus on fashion or makeups. And some stylists or cosmetologists will be invited to the shows to teach audiences and guests some particular craft or skill. In some cases, if the actors or singers are invited to the show, they often promote their new albums, dramas or movies. And according to my observation, most guests on the talk shows are the “announcement artists” in that they just attend the shows and they may not be really good at singing or acting or as popular as the idols. But the thing is that those announcement artists are good at amusing audiences and that can make people relax a lot. Take a popular talk show Kangsi Coming for example. It is a really classical show that almost all Taiwanese know. Their unreasonable, humorous and lively talking style and their interactions with the guests are the reason that makes the show so interesting and funny.

                    Among the three kinds of variety shows mentioned above, the game shows often have some kind of competition with awards or penalties accordingly; the travel shows are about introducing some great attractions or delicacies worldwide or in Taiwan; the talk shows are diverse and the themes discussed in the programs can be guests’ life or fashion and makeups, and the hosting skills of the hosts are the important point to see if the shows are funny enough. In my daily life, I watch variety shows the most because I would like to watch them instead of some serious types of program to relax myself after doing numerous school work. 

How to Make a Grilled Cheese

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How to Make a Grilled Cheese

Jerry Zhou

     There are a lot of snacks that I like to eat, and grilled cheese is one of my favorites. Grilled cheese is a sandwich that can be eaten anytime during the day, so it can be taken as a snack or a regular meal. Grilled cheese is a sandwich that is made by putting one or two slices of cheese between two slices of toast and then cooking it in a pan until the cheese is melted and the bread is golden brown. Making a grilled cheese is really simple and it only takes a few minutes to cook before you can enjoy the tasty sandwich.

     There are a few ingredients that you must have before you can start making the sandwich and you just need to follow the steps below to make a tasty sandwich. The first step to make a grilled cheese is to gather the ingredients that are needed. The ingredients that you need are: two slices of toast, a piece of butter, a slice of cheese, and freshly ground black pepper. The second step is when we start to make the sandwich, which is placing the toast on a cutting board and cutting it in half then heating the pan till it is heated, and then sliding in half of the butter into the pan. When the butter melts, place one slice of toast in the pan; top it with cheese; season it with pepper. Then top it with the second slice of bread on the cheese. When the underside is golden brown in about 4 minutes, turn the sandwich and add the remaining butter to the pan. Press down on the sandwich to make it even browning and to help melt cheese. You should also be gentle so that it doesn’t smash. Cook until the second side is golden brown and the cheese is melted. Finally, we get to enjoy what we have made with our friends or family.

     The ingredients and steps mentioned above are all easy to get and do, but if you want to make your grilled cheese taste even better you can make a tomato soup to dip it in or add some other ingredients to give it a better taste. You can either slice your own tomatoes then cook the soup or just buy a can of tomato soup from the store. The ingredients that you can also add are: mayonnaise, mushrooms, onions, bacon, and whatever you would like eat with your sandwich.

     Making a grilled cheese is really easy because you just need to follow the aforementioned steps and add whatever ingredients you prefer to make the tasty sandwich you would enjoy eating. This is also a sandwich that you can cook for your friends or family because it is easy to make, and people will enjoy the sandwich that you have made for them.

How to Make Pizza at Home

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How to Make Pizza at Home

Bryan Yang


Italy has two dishes which have already become an international food. They are pasta and pizza. Both of them are delicious and easy to make. In order to make a standard and perfect pizza, there are some basic steps to follow. A pizza must be a round pie made with yeast dough and with tomato sauce, cheese, and some other tasty ingredients as toppings. According to my personal experience, making pizza is more complicated than making a pasta. Therefore, here are some steps for people who want to make pizza at home.

The first step and the most important step is to make the pizza dough. We mix the flour with water, milk and yeast. After mixing the flour, put the dough in a bowl with olive oil and let it grow. After an hour in a warm temperature, the dough will double its size. Then we are good to go to step 2.

The second step is to prepare the ingredients for your pizza. While waiting the pizza to grow, you can start cutting the ingredients into slices and preheat your oven to 450°F for an hour. After the dough is ready, make your pizza into a round and flatted shape. A nice pizza is around 0.5-inch-thick and 12 inches long.

The third step is to add the sauce and the ingredients as toppings. Traditionally, tomato sauce is the most common sauce for pizza. For toppings, you can add pepperoni, mushroom, onion or bacon in your pizza as you like.

The final step is to bake your pizza. When the topping is finished, the pizza is ready to bake. The time for baking a pizza in a preheated oven is about fifteen minutes. After the pizza is baked, be careful to take it out because the temperature in the oven is very high. Finally, dig in your pizza.

Making a pizza is more complicated than making pasta. You need to have an oven at home and have enough time to prepare. But, making food for yourself or making it with your lover is the best thing to do in the weekend. So, try to make some pizza at home. 

My Process of Guitar Learning

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My Process of Guitar Learning

Shelly Chen


     Nowadays, many people want to learn at least one skill in music. Since I was a senior high student, I had dreamt of playing the guitar. However, I didn’t even have the opportunity to learn to play it. I didn’t start to play the guitar until I went into the university. I also remember the feeling when I bought my own guitar. The following are my guitar learning steps that I want to share: persist on, find some resources to learn on, and practice more.

     First of all, we should be serious on doing everything and persist on our decisions. Take myself as an example. I was really fascinated with playing the guitar, so I thought carefully on buying a guitar or not. I considered all the problems that I would face. For example, if I bought a musical instrument, it would be a waste if I give up quickly. Some people said they would lose passion fast. This situation might also happen to me, so I need to think every step twice and keep persisting. Finally, I solved all the problems. I just went to the guitar club with my friend and we both bought our guitar.

     Second, we could find some resources to learn to play the guitar such as YouTube or the guitar class. I learn to play the guitar in three ways. First, I usually learn by watching YouTube videos. There are so many great videos for learning to play the guitar like Mashushu. Second, my guitar club has hired a teacher to teach us and I also ask him for advice for playing the guitar. Last, I met some friends who are good at playing the guitar in the club, so sometimes we would play the guitar together and they also can put me in a right way of playing the guitar. For example, at the beginning of my learning, they taught me to play the simple chords such as C, Em, G, and D. With these simple chords, we could play lots of C minor songs. The most important is that we need to choose the right songs. What do I mean by the right songs? We should choose the songs that we are interested in and that are easy to play. Moreover, we cannot choose the songs that are extremely difficult, which would decrease our interest.

     Last, I think we need to practice a lot on playing the guitar. My friend told me that it is common our hands would feel hurt. All my guitar friends advise me to practice more. In their experiences, when they were fascinated with the guitar, they could play the guitar at least 30 minutes per day. With their advice, I usually play the guitar in my leisure time. When I watched TV, I also played the guitar, too. After learning to play those simple chords such as C, Em, and G, we could move on to other more difficult chords such as F, Am, Bm, etc. There are some difficult chords called Barre Chords. But I think Barre Chords are too hard for a guitar beginner. The tip for playing well on Barre Chords is practicing. Only through many times of adjusting, can we put our fingers on the right positions.

     In sum, it’s hard to learn a guitar with these steps, and the most important thing is that we should take action and practice it persistently. Only through practicing, will our skills of playing the guitar improve.

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