Living at Home or Living on Campus

posted Dec 27, 2018, 5:46 AM by I Say You Say

Living at Home or Living on Campus

Bryan Yang

     While every student is entering college or university, he or she can decide to live on campus or live at home. It is always a difficult choice for the freshman. And both options have advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, here are the contrasts between living at home and on campus to demonstrate the latter is a better choice.

     The first advantage of living on campus rather than living at home is it's easier to do time management. Students who live on campus don't need extra time to commute and they have high accessibility to school facilities. They can get access to the library, the cafeteria, classes and other departments without commuting from their home. Also, students can have more time for sleeping. Nowadays, college students often lack sleeping. Therefore, if students can go to school on foot, they would have more time for sleeping.

     In addition, students who live on campus have a better social life than those living at home. Students have spent three years in high school. They have studied enough back there. It is not just about studying in university. There are some kinds of Fraternities and Sororities in school. So, if we live on campus, we can join the social clubs to make new friends more easily. Life is fun. After graduation, we will realize that the quantity of contacts in our cell phone is better than the number of As we got in school. 

     Moreover, living on campus can help students become more independent. This is the first time for most students to live on their own. They have to take care of themselves without mummy's help. They have to learn to do the laundry and learn how to cook with a limit budget. This is a great opportunity to let students grow up. Also, they will learn to treasure the time spent with their family.

     It is a personal choice for students to choose living on campus or living at home. But we only attend college once. Why don't we step out of the comfort zone and force ourselves to grow? In my opinion, it is a great opportunity for us to gain many experiences and friends if we live on the campus.