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Students Shouldn’t Take Part-time Jobs

posted Jun 26, 2016, 9:14 AM by I Say You Say

Students Shouldn’t Take Part-time Jobs


April Chen


     Many students like to take part-time jobs when they’re at school, but I think it’s not good for them. Because it’s not worthy to spend our time to earn money when we should study. And of course, taking a part-time job makes us tired, which is unhealthy. And I think we should spend more time with friends and family rather than devote our time to part-time work.

     Our time and energy are limited, so we should spend our time on the most important things. When we are at school, studying is the most important thing for us. I have seen some students skip their classes because they have to go to work. When their work conflicts with studying, they choose to work. In that case, they can’t follow other students in school lessons. In the end, they may fail their tests and spend more unnecessary time to catch up. Furthermore, students can’t earn much money because they are not doing full time jobs. So I think it’s unworthy for students to take a part-time job.

     We are usually tired after we finish a long day’s classes, so I think we should have a good relaxation after classes. But our life will be a mess if we take part-time jobs besides studies. I notice that some students are late for class or look sleepy in the class, because they need to work in an uncertain time and it means they need to work at night sometimes. They earn money without caring for their health, so they easily feel tired or get sick after a stressful day.

     Taking a part-time job can make money, but it can’t buy you friendship or kinship. If you don’t spend your time with your friends and family, you don’t understand them or realize what they think about. To me, friends and family are always more important than money.

     Students should enjoy their school life rather than rush into the society early to earn money because students should learn but not to earn money. And they don’t have enough energy to handle well both their study and work. Last but not least, spending our time with friends and family should be worthier than earning money.