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Three Types of Cafés I Have Been to

posted Oct 13, 2021, 9:18 AM by I Say You Say   [ updated Oct 20, 2021, 9:06 AM ]

Three Types of Cafés I Have Been to

                                                                                               Naomi Ren

      Nowadays, we can not only drink coffee but also eat meals or desserts in the café. However, the café offers mostly coffee, and other meals are presented with coffee. If I want to go out in my free time, I will go to the café where I can chat with my friends, read books or do my homework with a good cup of coffee. As more and more people like to drink coffee, there are more and more types of café. I have been to three different types of café: chain cafés, “Instagrammable” cafés, and pet cafés.

     The most popular type of café is chain cafés; for example, Starbucks is the most famous chain café in the world. Almost everyone has seen Starbucks’ green Siren logo. When I was in high school, I always chose to learn with my tutor in Starbucks because of its membership system. The system works by accumulating points through consumption, and reaching the highest level enables one to get a golden customized membership card. In order to accumulate points, I studied in Starbucks almost every week in high school. And Starbucks often offers discounts, which attracts more and more customers. There is another business model for chain cafés; for instance, City Café has also spread all over Taiwan. The combination of City Café and 7-11 demonstrates the importance of convenience in our modern life. Maybe the coffee of City Café dose not taste as good as Starbucks’, but its lower price and accessibility actually attract even more customers. Chain cafés are the most convenient for coffee addicts because they can be found everywhere.

     The second is the “Instagrammable” café that many young people would choose to go. Instagrammable means something attractive enough for people to take a photo and post it on Instagram. This type of café has a time limit for its popularity. These cafés need to constantly create new things to maintain curiosity and interest of customers. I once went to a café that had a slide inside, and the decoration design was very interesting. This type of café is suitable for chatting and taking pictures with friends, but not suitable for reading or working because many people are chatting, which is actually quite noisy to people who just intend to enjoy a cup of coffee by themselves. In addition, most stores will limit time because many people are queuing. In short, “Instagrammable” café is a good place for chatting and gathering.

     The last type of café I love to visit is a pet café. I have wanted to raise pets since I was a child, but my parents didn’t allow me to keep pets at home. The pet café thus becomes my paradise. Some cafés take in many stray cats and dogs, and they allow customers to touch them. If customers meet a pet they like, they can adopt it. Pet cafés give stray animals a place to eat and sleep, and also allow people to get close to the animals.

       Nowadays, coffee has become a necessity in many people’s lives, and more and more types of cafés have appeared. Stores have also developed various marketing methods to attract customers. Finding our favorite type is important for us to find a comfortable place to enjoy our leisure time or some private moment with a nice cup of coffee with aroma.